Underoath announces ‘Digital Ghost’ cinematic concert

Author Jad - 13.11.2021

On December 3rd, in partnership with Moment House, Underoath will perform their album “Voyeurist” in its entirety vis the “Digital Ghost” cinematic concert. Since the “Observatory” event, Underoath have consistently broken new boundaries in the world of digital performance, being seen as a turning point in the world of livestream shows among major artists. Major magazines such as Revolver, Loudwire, Forbes and CNBC described the “unique way it treated fans to a raw and visceral experience with the hits they longed to see played live while being robbed of concerts during the pandemic”.

By completely replacing tour income with livestream shows, Underoath have been able to finally give their fans the feeling of seeing live music that they have so longed for during a long and dreaded stop to all shows from pandemic.

Digital Ghost gives the viewer a chance to be a part of the experience that is Underoath‘s music. “Voyeurist”, being their most ambitious album by far, does nothing but further compliment the digital livestream experience. Tickets for Digital Ghost are available at Moment House.

When we started conceptualizing the “Voyeurist” event, we knew that we wanted to do something different than a traditional livestream. We have done three of them and, coming back a year after “Observatory”, we knew we didn’t want to just repeat the cycle. One of the biggest goals was the idea of blending narrative with the visuals. Threading the needle on a live performance while adding in cinematic elements was a big part of Digital Ghost. The goal of “Observatory” was never to re-create a static live performance, and I think Digital Ghost is an extension of that thought. In the end, Digital Ghost is an attempt to push boundaries as a band and set a new bar for what virtual live experiences can be. With everything we do, there is a lot of risk and some lofty goals. It’s pretty special to conceptualize these projects and then watch them form in real time, especially when you have a finite amount of time and resources.Tim McTague, guitarist of Underoath

We’re thrilled to partner with UNDEROATH for their ‘Digital Ghost’ cinematic concert ahead of the release of their new album. The band have masterfully embraced this powerful new medium and we can’t wait to help bring their remarkable creative vision to life with their fans around the world.Arjun Mehta, co-founder and CEO of Moment House

Over the past few months, Underoath have teased fans with four singles off “Voyeurist”, with each track diving deeper and deeper into the conceptual rabbit-hole that is “Voyeurist”. The album’s official website, voyeurist.io, where visitors are able to peer in on other fans, as well as the band, begs the question of whether or not what they’re witnessing is real time or is something completely made in the mind of minolta. This also acts as a deeper insight of the concept of “Voyeurist”. A digital world equals a digital existence, and therefore digital souls. Or should we say Digital Ghosts…

“Voyeurist” is the first album that Underoath have taken the recording process completely into their own hands. This resulted in the band’s most intriguing and inclusive album album, and has appropriately been referred to by the band as “high-def violence”. “Voyeurist” is comprised of completely unrelated messaged, each tying back to the concepts of how we live our lives on social media and how that has lead to a digital age, engulfing our very livelihood, much like Netflix shows Black Mirror and Love, Death, and Robots. The album buries its immersive and life questioning experience under many devilish layers of realist depressive madness, and fans have been able to discover clips of new songs in exchange for granting camera access through the band’s immersive web site, further partaking in the Big Brother canon that encapsulated the very essence that is “Voyeurist”