Photo by Steve Ritchie

U.F.O.’s Phil Mogg is ready to record music again

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 3.2.2023

Though still recovering from the heart attack that struck him last August, Phil Mogg of U.F.O. is ready to go back to a recording studio. The band’s official social channels report his words, with a very young sprint:

Dear all, I have been asked for an update on my rematch with Mike Tyson. I’m not quite there yet, but making inroads to the peak of my former powers, whilst studying the magical charms of Shanky’s Whipp made in Ireland (where else!). Rehab exercise has finished, the doc has signed me off, and I have been yodelling at Brighton Electric Studios and finishing up some tunes for a Moggish album – an eccentric collection of songs that will be in my spring collection and which will put some lead in your pencil.

– Phil Mogg

The seventy-four-year-old British singer is therefore sure not to give up, and new projects are around the corner. Good news for the entire rock scene!