Tribute to a fallen modern metal hero: thanks for everything Joey Jordison

Author Arto Mäenpää - 28.7.2021

The year 2021 hasn’s treated the metal world gently and so far the reaper has already took away a lot of metal musicians the latest ones being Mike Howe from Metal Church and Joey Jordison, the founding member of modern metal giants Slipknot.

Slipknot has been a massive part of my childhood so obviously the passing of Joey hit me very hard. They say that behind every successful band is an amazing drummer and Joey Jordison was no exception. His drum performance on “Slipknot” and “Iowa” albums is just mind blowing and he really gave the kind of drum work they needed to become timeless modern metal classics. He was also show-wise really essential part of the group and helped them to get the reputation as one of the best live bands on the planet.

Jordison got fire from Slipknot by an email in 2013 and still to this day it feels a bit harsh move from the band’s side considering he was the founding member of the group. During the times he was fired from the group he was suffering from transverse myelitis, a neurological disorder which made it almost impossible for him to play shows and he needed to get carried off from the stage.

After being fired from Slipknot Jordison went through hell with therapy to regain his ability to play drums again and announced in 2018 that he will be returning to stages with Sinsaenum. I was lucky enough to witness the Joey’s last visit to Finland and it surely was a pleasure to see him again in stage doing what he does best: entertains metal fans world wide.

In the end I would like to thank Joey Jordison for all the contributions he did to the metal world. He not only was part of classic albums like “Slipknot” and “Iowa” but also brought blast beats and heavy drumming to mainstream and influenced thousands of drummer who would some day want to be as amazing as Jordison was.

Thank you Joey for the amazing musical legacy you left behind and thanks for being an massive influence to metal scene in general. You will be sorely missed.

I don’t want to end this in a sad note so let’s blast some Slipknot and Sinsaenum today and have a glass of whiskey to remember Joey.