Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder is currently working on a black metal project

Author Samuel Järvinen - 27.10.2021

Trevor Strnad, frontman of melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder, is currently working on a new project. Strnad has teamed up with Dan Gargiulo of Artificial Brain for a new black metal project.

Strnad made the announcement in an interview with The Jasta Show when asked about possible new projects.

“I do have a couple of things brewing right now. I have a black metal band in the works with Dan from Artificial Brain. I’m sitting on like, five songs and trying to work out vocals for that. I’d really love to do a punk band again. Something that’s just easy, you know? Like, musically simplistic. A lot less labor-intensive than The Black Dahlia Murder.”

The album of Ihsahn’s and Matt Heafy’s joint black metal project was also finished a while ago.