Trashcan Dance releases new high energy single “Alien Loverboy”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 4.1.2024

Finnish gothic glam-punksters have released the new single “Alien Loverboy” from their fresh album “Killing Moon”.

The song is a smutty tale of a two-headed alien loverboy who “joins a local band, and tours across the land”, breaking young girls’ hearts on his Harley ride to new adventures. 

The band has already released the singles “Polezhaevskaya Station” (with Stealth Division), “Go-go Dancer” and “Lil’ Dreamer “(feat. Niki Rock) from the album.

The album was released on October 6th through the Greek metal label Sleaszy Rider Records on vinyl and CD and all major digital platforms.

The “Alien Loverboys” single has gained a lot of great attention in music media in the US and Europe and it represents the faster and groovier side of the parent album. It´s also a kick-ass live track!

Listen to “Alien Loverboy” on Spotify

On YouTube you can watch a six-song livestream, including “Alien Loverboy“:

A fresh video interview with Lasse and Faust on Dr. Dawgs (U.S.A.) podcast show for MM Radio in Switzerland: