Tool’s Danny Carey shows his ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour kit rundown

Author Arto Mäenpää - 11.3.2024

Modern Drummer magazine provides backstage glimpse into Danny Carey’s intricate drum setup for Tool‘s “Fear Inoculum” tour. Amidst a plethora of instruments, Danny, alongside Modern Drummer CEO David Frangioni, delves into the unique components of Carey’s unparalleled drum arsenal. Explore the 23-minute video below for an inside look.

In a recent Metal Hammer interview, Tool bassist Justin Chancellor assured fans that they won’t endure another 13-year wait for a new studio album. Reflecting on the hiatus between 2006’s “10,000 Days” and 2019’s “Fear Inoculum,” Chancellor emphasized the band’s commitment to efficiency, especially considering Danny Carey’s age of 62.

“Danny is 62 now, so there’s no thought of taking 13 years if we’re gonna do it,” he elaborated. “We’re gonna have to be more efficient, and we’ve been talking of ways that we can do that. Maybe taking a leaf out of how me and Peter [Mohamed, Justin’s bandmate in side project MTVOID] work with MTVOID — instead of staring at each other going ‘Come on! Get it out of ya!’ maybe we could do a bit more at home. We’ll see!”

Chancellor disclosed that Tool has already begun crafting new music for a potential upcoming album. “We put a little work in before this tour,” he revealed.

“We gave it a stab for a couple of months. We ended up compiling all the ideas we had; normally when we do that we start writing pretty soon after, but we had a lot of stuff coming up, so we didn’t dive all the way in. When we’re done with Europe, we’re gonna dive back in during the second half of the year.”