Tomy Laisto joins Insomnium for summer gigs

Author Benedetta Baldin - 12.6.2024

Tomy Laisto (Hateform, Pain Confessor, Mors Principium Est, Omnium Gatherum, Arc Spectra) will replace guitarist Jani Liimatainen, who has left the band. Laisto commented to Kaaoszine as follows:

In the early days of December I got a message from the band that they couldn’t get hold of Jani Liimatainen and in early January there would be a show at Meh Suff in Zurich, asking if I would be interested in supporting them. And that was quickly decided! The gig was pulled off and apparently went well, and then there was a request for a few more gigs, and there were quite a few. Mystic Festival was held over the weekend and it was a blast! The guys from Insomnium are familiar from twenty years ago, so it’s pretty easy to jump into a good jam and I’m looking forward to the summer gigs!

Tomy Laisto is also preparing to release his first solo album. The “Penumbra” album is due out on 26 July, and there are already several previews of the album in the form of several singles. The album also features a number of guest appearances, including Diablo frontman Rainer Nygård.

Insomnium will be touring extensively in Finland and Europe during the summer, including festivals and gigs with Amon Amarth. You can check the tour locations and dates in the band’s Instagram update: