Tom Araya didn’t want to do another album – this is how Kerry King found out about Slayer retiring

Author Benedetta Baldin - 15.5.2024

In a recent interview with Revolver, Kerry King disclosed the circumstances surrounding Slayer‘s decision to retire several years ago. The legendary guitarist discussed the band’s handful of 2024 shows and his forthcoming debut solo album, “From Hell I Rise.” He revealed that several songs on the album were originally intended for Slayer before he learned of their retirement in late 2019.

While King acknowledges the merits of Slayer “going out on top,” he also expresses a newfound sense of creative liberation in working on solo material. Although he never felt constrained while creating music for Slayer, King suggests that “From Hell I Rise” would have taken on a different sonic direction had it been a Slayer album.

Slayer is scheduled to perform at three festivals this year — Louder Than Life, Riot Fest, and Aftershock — in September and October. However, King confidently stated that the band will not embark on another tour or release another album in the future.

I had every intention of making another Slayer record,Until Tom [Araya] was doing an interview with some publication, and they asked him about the next Slayer album. He said something like, ‘I don’t know, I gotta talk to Kerry before we start working on the next record.’

But Araya didn’t want to make another album.

And when I found that out, of course I’m hurt, first and foremost, Second, I’m like, ‘I got a lot of work to do.’ Third, I’m like, ‘I’ve just gotta play my gig as best I can every night and prepare to move on.’ And fourth, I was like, ‘Ok, all these songs that I’d been writing for Slayer? Now they’re just mine.’

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