To “Infinity” and beyond, with Seventh Crystal’s latest EP

Author Benedetta Baldin - 6.11.2023

What brings me most joy as a reviewer is that I will never stop being surprised by bands and artists, both in a good and bad way. But luckily, there are only good surprises when it comes to the Swedish group Seventh Crystal, who have just released their EP “Infinity”. Why, you might ask? Well, simply because they are one of the few acts that can do it all.

They can unleash the mightiest rock from themselves (“Ready, Set, Go!“), as well as delivering the most heart-wrenching ballad (“Rivals“), while always staying true to their identity. It takes a very great dose of talent mixed with outstanding storytelling to create such memorable and impactful songs. And that is why this combination works: the charming vocals of Kristian Fyhr accompany the listener throughout the 18 minutes of “Infinity”.

This, however, is the only fault I could find in the release: it ends way too soon, and I had the urge to press play from the beginning once again, to savour one more time and connect with the tracks even deeper. We have been blessed, though, because this EP comes after such a short time since Seventh Crystal‘s latest full-lenght “Wonderland”, released in March 2023.

Don’t have a lot of time and still want to enjoy a pure hard rock experience? Then “Infinity” is right for you, because while it may be short, the ride is worth every single second of it. “Infinity” conveys raw and authentic emotions, and in a world of many fake and hidden realities, Seventh Crystal proudly stands promoting what is right and true.