Thulcandra’s Steffen Kummerer to Chaoszine about “A Dying Wish”: “The music changed a little bit; we opened up towards a broader palette of musical styles”

Author Flavia Andrade - 1.11.2021

German black death metal band Thulcandra released their latest album “A Dying Wish” on October 29th, via Napalm Records. Produced by Dan Swanö, the album brings the listener to a cold and dark place, through dramatic riffs and growls that harmonize with powerful drumming. The grim soundscape is matched by the cover artwork, in a complete artistic project that connects visuals and sound.

Chaoszine had the opportunity of talking to Thulcandra‘s mastermind Steffen Kummerer about the new album and their upcoming tour, as well as about Obscura, Steffen’s technical death metal band, and their upcoming release “A Valediction”, about to drop on November 19th via Nuclear Blast.

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