Three extreme bands unite – Review of Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder & Malevolence “The Aggression Sessions”

Author Vickky Lewis - 11.4.2023

It all started when three upcoming deathcore bands Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder & The Acacia Strains joined focus to create The Depression Session. Now 6 years later, another session has knocked on our front door step. Now heavy hitters Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder & Malevolence have presented the second session in the series ‘The Aggression Sessions’. Featuring two songs from each band that focus on violence and death, that has shaped our world down a dark path. 

Just from the album cover, with a man eating a wolf’s arm the brutality is visually disturbing. Which is the point. It’s right there in your face and that’s exactly how the album takes you. Getting darker and more brutal as the album progresses, taking you down the dark path of what this session is all about. With bands that already have a mission to bring to light these themes it’s no doubt that they hit the money on the head. 

Fit For An Autopsy opens the session with “Hellions“. You’ve just been pushed into hell with this track as it’s set on fire. ‘Rise, Hellions’ growls Joseph Badolato (vocals) sets the mood of here we go straight down to the core of this album. It’s heavy and has a weight behind it. With moments of breath in ‘Hellions’ that gives a sense of softness before throwing you back in. 

Rolling straight into Thy Art Of MurderUntil There Is No Longer” which is blood-shredding that runs on the harshness of the drums. As well as the mass attack riff from the guitar. While the lyrics are quite honest and brutal with the telling of the cruelty of the world. 

Malevolence enters the ring with “Waste Of Myself” pushing the boundary of deathcore with a breakdown that is filled with monstrous booming riffs. “The Aggression Sessions’ ‘ ends with Malevolence covering Anastacia’s hit “Left Outside Alone“. The deathcore cover is light and dark. The aggressive cover has a softer chorus that is pulled back with the vocals at the front. While versus are quite savage. The cover is complete with a Malevolence breakdown.

“The Aggression Sessions” is an intense collaboration that pushes the boundaries of deathcore. With thought provoking intentions, it sits in its own lane. For Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder & Malevolence it shows off what makes them unique and how different they are from each other. When they come together they create hellious noises.