Thorns announce first album since 2001

Author Flavia Andrade - 25.10.2023

Legendary influential outfit Thorns is preparing to release their first album in over twenty years, according to a social media post by Slagmaur. Thorns released three historic demos that influenced everyone in the then nascent Norwegian black metal scene, from Mayhem to Emperor: those demos were “Grymyrk” (1991), “Trøndertun” (1992), and “The Thule Tape” (1992). Then came the split “Thorns vs. Emperor” (1999) and their self-titled 2001 debut. Thorns‘ mastermind Snorre Ruch is thus considered one of the main pillars of black metal riffing, along with late Mayhem founder Euronymous.

Check out what Snorre Ruch stated: 

Human vermin be ready to be holed up.

Finally, the long-desired second Thorns album, the infinite and absolute apex of the metal legend’s total singularity is about to consume your pity planet! From the spinning Sagittarius A-Hole evolving Sagittarius B-Star is thrown across the Milky Way from its dead center and pounding your way! Aldrahn and Snorre on vocals being guested by Slagmaur‘s Dr. Von Hellreich with special appearances of Satyr and The Sulphur Sisters will stuff incomprehensible truths into your Primate earholes!

Slagmaur founder General Gribbsphiiser, adds:

I have heard the new Thorns for 9 years, and it’s insane. People will not be disappointed. It’s definitely Thorns, and the new Slagmaur album will also be up there kicking!