This is the most EXPENSIVE rock song to use in a movie

Author Jad - 28.4.2022

Apparently, as reported by Loudwire, the most expensive (and widely used) rock song you can possible feature in a movie is AC/DC‘s “Thunderstruck”.

The news was first shared via a new video by Tiktok poster Daniel Wall. Wall determined that the track, despite being used over and over again in countless movies, clocks in at half a million US dollars per usage. Honestly, you’re better off using another AC/DC track.

What is the most expensive song to include in a movie? This song was in movies like Deadpool 2 [2017], Battleship [2012] and Thor: Ragnarok [2017].

We’re talking about “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Keep in mind that sync fees are usually anywhere between $15,000 and $60,000. So how much does this song cost to put in your movie? Half a million dollars.

Tiktoker Daniel Wall

Wall notes that this was also the price when the song was featured in 1999’s Varsity Blues, so it’s way more now. Apparently, Thomas Golubic, who put the song in that movie, nearly had a goddamn heart attack when he found out:

I remember being absolutely horrified when I heard that number. And we spent a lot of time coming up with what we thought were great alternates, but there was going to be no budget on that, and they had money so they paid for it.

Thomas Golubic

However, this begs the question: How much of this money does AC/DC actually see?

Anyways, check out Wall’s video below:

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