“This is our best work so far” – Interview with Necrot

Author Ingeborg Roos - 22.3.2024

American death metal band Necrot is about to release their third full-length album, “Lifeless Birth,” next month. The band will also be performing in Finland later this year. Chaoszine managed to have a chat with vocalist Luca Indrio.

Hello. How has the new year started for Necrot so far?

Luca Indrio: The year so far has been fantastic! We have a new album coming out in April, and we are currently on tour with longtime friends of ours, Municipal Waste and Ghoul, playing in front of a lot of people every night. Our new album, “Lifeless Birth,” is about to come out, and we can’t wait for everybody to listen to it. We have gone through a lot of issues in the last few years that kept us from going back on tour, and now it feels like we are finally getting our lives back. Feels good to be on the road doing what we are best at.

Your new album, “Lifeless Birth,” will be released on the 12th of April. What can your fans expect from the album?

Luca Indrio: This is our best work so far. Our fans should expect a lot of sick riffs, a lot of double kicks, guitar solos, and an album that they can enjoy from start to finish.

I feel I could read lots of things between the lines from the lyrics. Can you tell us what they are about?

Luca Indrio: Our lyrics talk about how messed up the world is and how politicians work to divide people, always finding new ways to make us hate and blame each other. Our lyrics also focus on mortality, the inevitability of death and all that brings with it, the good and the bad. My lyrics are also there to be interpreted however you like; music is for everyone. You read my lyrics, and you might give them a different meaning than the one I was thinking when writing them, and that is valid. I am not interested in giving an exact explanation of my lyrics; I want people to be able to own them and give them the meaning they want. For sure, we are not a band that talks about zombies or imaginary things; the horror of life is more real and intense than any made-up horror. So yes, I like to talk about what’s real in my lyrics, the extreme challenge that we all have to face by being humans.

What is your creative process like when writing new music?

Luca Indrio: Usually, when it’s time to write a new album, every single day I just close myself in a room with my guitar and an amplifier for hours every day until I’m done. After that, I spend a lot more hours finding the vocal patterns and writing all the lyrics. It’s an intense process, but I enjoy doing it. I have always done it for Necrot, and I think I am getting better at it. This is our third album, plus all the demo tapes we did before; we are for sure a more mature band. The process has always been the same; when I write the album, I always have a riff or two in each song for Sonny Reinhardt to come up with different styles of guitar solos. He’s really great at it; I’m sure you guys will enjoy the guitar work when listening to the album. Also, wait to see Chad at the drums when we play over there; he hits the drums hard as heck; he’s definitely not faking it, haha. We are very satisfied with the result of our latest work, “Lifeless Birth,” and we really hope people will take the time to listen to it.

You’ve released some material from the upcoming album already. What has the feedback been like?

Luca Indrio: People like it a lot. They get extremely excited about our music, and we are equally excited about making new fans that come from all kinds of music backgrounds.

You are currently touring in the US. How’s the tour going? Have you been playing any of the new songs yet?

Luca Indrio: We have been opening our set every night with “Cut the Cord,” which is the first single out of our newest album, “Lifeless Birth.” The shows have been amazing, tons of people, some of them getting to hear us for the first time. That’s always fun because they don’t fully know what’s about to happen when we start playing. Our shows are pretty wild and intense, and people can feel it.

In August, you’ll be performing at Helsinki Death Fest in Finland. Is the show in Finland part of a bigger European tour?

Luca Indrio: It’s part of a bigger tour. We’ll be in Europe for a month from the end of July to the end of August. Not sure if we have any other shows in Finland besides Helsinki Death Fest, but we are excited to play in Finland for the first time. We have been wanting to do that for a while, and we are glad it’s finally happening.

What do you enjoy most about performing live?

Luca Indrio: The energy of it, the intensity of the show. The loudness and heaviness of it. It feels great to be on stage and see that people get into it; it’s just very gratifying and fun.

What is Necrot’s next move? Any plans for the future yet?

Luca Indrio: Lots of tours promoting our new album.

Thank you for your time! Would you like to share some final thoughts with Chaoszine’s readers?

Luca Indrio: Thank you for the interview; we can’t wait to be there, it’s going to be sick. Please listen to our new album, “Lifeless Birth,” from start to finish; we hope you will enjoy it. See you soon!