This is exactly how heavy metal should sound like – review of Dark Mile’s self-titled debut album

Author Benedetta Baldin - 19.6.2024

It has happened to me more often than not, recently stumbling upon an incredible album almost by mistake. But it definitely has no mistakes the debut album by Dark Mile, an American band that is about to rock our entire world. For some good reasons, too. To begin, lead guitarist Tracy G has worked with Ronnie James Dio! And trust me, this is just the cherry on top of the band.

Finally, a group that is not afraid to explore and compose a variety of songs, whilst still remaining in the hard rock and heavy metal genres. We’ll rock with them on “I Can’t Help You“, we’ll give a second thought about life on “Games“, we’ll chant on “Where’s The Love“, and we’ll relate to each and every song in between. The simple yet effective approach of the band in songwriting and composition makes the record stand out from all the other releases in this niche.

You just don’t get up one day and deliver such a high-quality product. The backbone of every album is always the human element, and this is a starry combination. As I wrote in the beginning, on guitars we have Tracy G and Paul Alfery (who mans the keyboards as well, also of Walk The Walk). The rhythmic section is completed by Randy Oviedo (Streek) and Mark Huff on vocals (of Quiet Riot), they are the secret weapon that makes Dark Mile fresh and innovative.

As it’s my usual, I must praise the production, mastering and mixing, as they are very well done and the finished product is perfectly enjoyable. My only complaint? I wish “Like Never Before” lasted longer, and were a proper ballad with lyrics. But well, I can always expect it on the second album, am I wrong?

So if you are looking for some exceptional heavy metal, look no further. Dark Mile are here to fulfil all of our expectations, and with this group, everything is possible. July 12th isn’t far from today, and only then you’ll be able to appreciate their fabulous record. “Dark Mile” is the new standard for this genre. “Dark Mile” has raised the bar so high, it’s going to be a challenge to reach it.


  1. The Boy
  2. No Deal
  3. I Can’t Help You
  4. Like Never Before
  5. Is Anybody Listening
  6. Games
  7. He Said She Said
  8. Maybe On A Sunday
  9. Know Me
  10. Where’s The Love
  11. United We Stand
  12. Lies