Therion’s “Leviathan III” is not just an album

Author Vickky Lewis - 18.12.2023

For over thirty years Swedish extreme metal band Therion have provided us with their lushest metal music. Redefining the genre and pushing themselves into new territory, as they release their 19th album “Leviathan III”The all mighty storyline comes to an epic end as they complete the Leviathan trilogy.

“Leviathan III” is an adrenaline rush album that just cuts deep in riff territory and smashing melodies. Each lyric is delivered with grace and might that drivers the dramatic and emotional story. Creating a world must bigger than any extreme metal album. Therion know how to create a world that speaks volumes and goes beyond their songwriting talents. The Leviathan trilogy are not just albums.

While “Leviathan III” doesn’t necessarily crack open a new world in extreme metal. It does check every box you hoped for in a Therion album. A diverse metal album, where each track has a change in direction to push the story/album forward reaching new realms. With the likes of Spanish guitar in ‘Dunede’ to Angelica choir in ‘An Unsung Lament. Which is why they have won every battle in winning over peoples hearts. Attracting new fans all over the world and exceeding their fans expectations. 

A Climax ending to the Leviathan trilogy, that goes without saying Therion have produced an album that needs to be heard and felt by all.