“There was no plan to make a concept album”– Timo Rotten from Oceans on band’s new LP “Hell Is Where The Heart Is”

Author Hernan Osuna - 5.1.2023

In November, the German quartet dropped their new opus “Hell Is Where The Heart Is” via Nuclear Blast Records. The material features 12 new songs, which captures anger, sadness, pain and also resilience, with a raw and powerful sound. This new chapter blazed a trail for Oceans‘ future as the band continues to spread its wings outside their country.

Chaoszine caught up with frontman and guitarist Timo Rotten to discuss all about the new stuff, plans for 2023, the band’s creative ethos and more items. Plus, the connection between the group and Finland. “Helsinki is actually one of the cities where we have most listeners on Spotify”, revealed the German musician. Check out the interview below.

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You can check out Oceans‘ latest album “Hell Is Where The Heart Is” below: