Photo Credit: Haris Mlivic

Then Comes Silence: New single and new album on the way

Author Stefanie Nysand - 13.2.2024

The Swedish post-punk trio Then Comes Silence has announced the release of a new single, entitled “Ride Or Die“, for 1 March 2024. “Ride Or Die” will be the first single from Then Comes Silence‘s upcoming 7th studio album “Trickery” which will be released on 5 April 2024 via Metropolis Records and can already be pre-ordered here. Also the album cover and the album’s tracklist have already been revealed:


01 Ride Or Die
02 Like A Hammer
03 Feel The Cold
04 Tears And Cries
05 Stay Strange
06 Stiffs
07 Blind Eye
08 The Masquerade
09 Never Change
10 Dead Friend
11 Runners
12 Ghost House