Photo credit: Danny Clinch

The world tour of Pearl Jam has started: setlist and video available

Author Benedetta Baldin - 6.5.2024

The “Dark Matter World Tour” of Pearl Jam has officially started, and with it, we have been receiving news just like the setlist and some fan footage of the first show, held on Saturday, May 4th at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver (which is where the band will play today as well, before crossing the border south to the USA). The show followed the following order:

  1. Wash
  2. Low Light
  3. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
  4. Given to Fly
  5. Scared of Fear
  6. React, Respond (live debut)
  7. Wreckage (live debut)
  8. Dark Matter
  9. Daughter (with “Bobcaygeon” by the Tragically Hip tag)
  10. Leatherman
  11. Corduroy
  12. Red Mosquito (with false start)
  13. Upper Hand (live debut)
  14. Won’t Tell (live debut)
  15. Running
  16. Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns (Mother Love Bone cover)
  17. Porch (Mike McCready fell off stage during his solo)
  18. I Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty cover)
  19. Black (with “We Belong Together” by Rickie Lee Jones tag)
  20. Do the Evolution
  21. Something Special (live debut)
  22. Alive
  23. Rockin’ In the Free world (Neil Young cover)
  24. Yellow Ledbetter
  25. Setting Sun (live debut)

And here you can also find some videos of Saturday night’s show: