Photo Credit: Stefanie Nysand

The Sisters Of Mercy cancel two more shows after leaving the stage in Berlin

Author Stefanie Nysand - 10.10.2023

The British gothic rock legends The Sisters Of Mercy are currently on an extensive European tour and made headlines last Thursday (5 October 2023) when they reportedly left the stage in Germany’s capital Berlin after just around 40 minutes. More precisely, it was apparently frontman Andrew Eldritch who left the stage in the middle of the song “More” and never returned. After guitarist Ben Christo finished singing the song, the rest of the band disappeared as well. After about 15 minutes, the audience was informed that the concert would not be continued, due to a medical problem.

Due to Andrew Eldritch’s eccentric nature, the explanation of a medical problem was not believed by everyone, especially after the show in the German city of Leipzig the following day seemed to have taken place without any problems.

Despite a day off, the following two concerts in the German cities of Cologne and Wiesbaden were cancelled. Again, health issues were cited as the reason. The cancellation in Cologne came at particularly short notice, namely after the support act The Virginmarys had already played their set in a completely sold-out venue. It remains to be seen whether the rest of the tour will take place as planned. The next show is scheduled for tomorrow (11 October 2023) in Hungary’s capital Budapest.

Various German media outlets are reporting that Andrew Eldritch appeared “lost” on stage in Berlin and that his singing sounded more “like a croak”. There is also a lot of talk in the German press about the “dismantling of a cult band”. As a matter of fact, though, cancellations – including short-term cancellations and cancellations due to health issues – and Andrew Eldritch’s eccentric behaviour have been part of The Sisters Of Mercy for many years and are therefore nothing new.

The only new thing is that The Sisters Of Mercy guitarist Dylan Smith is apparently no longer part of the band, following an argument with Andrew Eldritch live on stage during the band’s London show on 22 September 2023. After leaving the stage in the middle of the performance, Dylan Smith has not been seen with the band anymore. A live recording of said argument can be checked out below: