The Rasmus releases new song “Venomous Moon” in collaboration with Apocalyptica

Author Arto Mäenpää - 5.9.2021

Finnish rockers The Rasmus have released a new song titled “Venomous Moon” in collaboration with sello rockers Apocalyptica. The track is the second single from The Rasmus‘s upcoming album which will be released in spring of 2022. Band’s upcoming album was recorded during the pandemic, with the bandmembers being stranded in Hawaii, Helsinki and Sydney and with the producer Joshua in England. The members of Apocalyptica, who had also worked with Hansen before, contribute their trademark intense cello riffs to the track.

“‘Venomous Moon’ is about isolation and being separated from the world, but I wrote it before the virus came along. I must have caught a glimpse of the future, which then added a whole new layer of melancholy to the song.”

– Lauri Ylönen

The “Venomous Moon” music video, which can be seen below, was directed by Vertti Virkajärvi and produced by No Office. The Rasmus and Apocalyptica both perform in the video, which is inspired by the “Stranger Things” TV series and features spooky creatures stemming from the same deep forests as the Groke in the Moomin stories.


Lauri Ylönen – vocals
Eero Heinonen – bass
Pauli Rantasalmi – guitars
Aki Hakala – drums

You can check out the video interview Chaoszine did with The Rasmus singer Lauri Ylönen and drummer Aki Hakala about the upcoming album here.