The Props sign to Blue Grape Music, release two new tracks

Author Hernan Osuna - 20.5.2024

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band The Props has debuted on Blue Grape Music with the release of their singles “Echoes” and “Get Off.”

Echoes” is about feeling isolated. Thinking back on your memories like they are echoes in an empty space. The opening lyric sort of sets up the perspective that you’re in the middle of nowhere talking to yourself“, says The Props Dawson Kroeger.

About “Get Off,” frontman Nick Ruiz comments: “The song is about uncertainty and anxiety; the feeling as if you’re living in a cardboard cut out version of the world. The mindset that people would rather see you fail than prosper, but in spite of that, succeed in not giving them the satisfaction. Rising above the almost inevitable·.

On tour this spring and summer, new music is expected from the band later this year.