The new Sicksense nu-metal EP “Fools Tomorrow” is a brutal blend of freshness and nostalgy

Author Julia Suloinen - 5.6.2023

I remember when nu-metal only appeared it immediately stroke me with that vibe of aggressive rebelliousness and dark attitude, framed in groovy and catchy rhythm, fat hyper-distinguished bass-lines, and piercing sincerity of lyrics sung, screamed, and rapped…And I could never imagine that in the 2020s I’d be listening to something that would be more nu-metal than pioneers of the genre. So, Sicksense, ladies and gents. In their new EP “Fools Tomorrow”(which is a logical continuation of the previous EP “Kings Today”) these guys took all those aforementioned essential ingredients of nu-metal and amplified them all to the fullest, blended them in the most right proportions and, of course, added their own uniqueness and crazy energy.

“Crazy energy” is the most precise description of the whole EP, I’d say. It is poured like an avalanche on you in the ground-shaking anti-cancel_culture anthem “Feed Them To The Wolves”. You feel it in your bones, listening to the groovy title track “Fools Tomorrow” which delivers a good resemblance with early Korn from the start and stuns with an astonishing guitar solo in the conclusion, which is quite a refreshing idea when it comes to nu-metal, isn’t it?. Within the song “Invitation” you’ll experience the insane drive of the ping-pong-like extreme&rapping dialogs between two vocalists Killer V(Vicky Psarakis) and Rob the Ripper (Robby J. Fonts), the chemistry between these two will blow you away here, but what could you expect from the married couple?:) By the way and coming back to refreshing-ness: a male and a female vocalist who are not only able to sing, rap, and do extreme vox on an equally decent level, but who also apply these skills in the form of interaction during a song – this is something I don’t remember anyone else doing before, correct me if I’m wrong.

“Run And Hide” punches you in the face with mad vertigo of riffs and drums in the intro and vortexes you further to the final of the EP, the acoustic ballad “Erase, Rewind”. Despite being acoustic, the “crazy energy” thing is still here in this song – in the powerful Vicky’s voice and how the song develops from the almost soft-spoken gentle lines to a full-volume expressiveness. When the electric guitar solo started, “Erase, Rewind” made me recall another “quiet” masterpiece – “My Immortal” by Evanescence, so I started waiting for a fully electric culmination of the song. Which didn’t happen, but whatever – the song is still far beyond beautiful and, who knows, maybe there are still some surprises Sicksense has prepared for us in the future.