Photo credit: Vin Valentino

The new Finnish blackened death metal band Anima Hereticae releases their first single

Author Annija Raga - 20.9.2021

Band inspired by the beauty of northern nature and mysticism, Anima Hereticae, is going to release their debut EP “Ov Behest” on October 1. Featuring members from Red Moon Architect, Aeonian Sorrow, Paara and Frosttide, the trio combines nordic melancholy and modern blackened death metal sound. 

The band has released its first single called “Ov Behest”. The title track reflects the bond between human and nature on several levels, and the vocalist & bass player Ville Rutanen comments:

“The epic track “Ov Behest” needed majestic, but barren sceneries. Also the story was visualized into the video by our trustworthy visualist Vin Valentino. Our aim was that the video would work on both levels and deliver both the lyrical story and the musical atmoshere, still leaving space for the viewer to interpret it from their own perspective.”

Ville Rutanen

Watch the video and listen to the song here:


Ville Rutanen – vocals & bass
Taneli Jämsä – guitar & backing vocals
Teppo Ristola – drums