The most surprising cinematic metalcore album – review of Suasion’s “The Infinite”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.2.2023

Four years after their debut record, the cinematic metalcore band Suasion has returned with another full-length, “The Infinite”. And before I start reviewing this album, I want to praise the beautiful artwork of the cover. A potent and meaningful image!

I have to say, finally, a band with exciting sounds and refined lyrics! The more I play this record, the better it gets: I am delighted to listen to a group that is not afraid to experiment and mix various subgenres in their work. From the super engaging “Murphy’s Law” to the brilliant electronic drop of “Black or White“, Suasion has delivered an album that is setting the bar extremely high.

If I had to find a downside to “The Infinite” is that sometimes the sounds repeat themselves, but it’s just a minor inconvenience. The songwriting is marvellous, and the mighty guitar of Nicolas Pirlet nails some very compelling riffs. “Cinematic” is the keyword for Suasion; in fact, while listening to them multiple times, I thought I was in an action movie. It really transports you to another world!

Is there anything that Steven Rassart can’t sing? Probably not. And the duet with Steffi Pacson (another Belgian singer) enhances the positive qualities of both artists’ voices. “Momentum” is a killer track, and I’m so glad they decided to record and release a video clip for it. The moment that I listened to this album for the first time, “Celestial” was the track that had fewer Spotify plays of “The Infinite”, and I was very disappointed because it deserves way more credit.

Hats off to these guys for creating not only a music album but a complete and immersive experience of music. I am sure the future will hold great successes and accomplishments for them! Should they continue on this path, the whole world will fell at their feet.