Photo by AJ Johansson

“The most special night of the tour”: Interview and video report from Battle Beast live at Black Box Helsinki Ice Hall 27.01

Author John Wins - 31.1.2023

Finnish power metal group Battle Beast played the biggest show of their career with a huge production at Helsingin Jäähalli as part of their Circus of Doom tour, promoting their latest album released in 2022. The show took place on Friday, January 27th, with a setlist full of their biggest hits, but also impressive acts like singer Noora Louhimo flying over the stage, tons of pyrotechnics and emotional speeches by vocalist Noora and bassist Eero.

Chaoszine was there to do a report, but before the unforgettable night, we had a chat with Eero Sipilä. The musician commented on the current Finnish tour, feedback on the latest album after playing the new material for a while and future plans for 2023.

“Today is, obviously, the most special night of the tour, at least for me. Helsinki shows are always the most stressful ones, and today we have our biggest production to date, biggest everything.”

“I think they (songs from Circus of Doom) are going down very well. People around Europe and everywhere we’ve been playing seem to know the songs already and that’s always nice!

During the summer we’re doing the festivals, same as ever, and according to our current plans we’re having quite a lot of shows in the autumn and the rest of the year, but those are still in the dark, so I can’t talk to much about them yet.Eero Sipilä

You can watch our video report about the show below: