The HU premiere animated music video “Sell The World”

Author Flavia Andrade - 3.10.2023

The HU have shared an animated music video for their track “Sell The World“, which appears on their latest album “Rumble Of Thunder“.

Producer Dashka spoke of the song:

The ‘Sell The World‘ music video is the first-ever animated music video from The HU. It’s our way of expressing the love we have for our earth. From the name of the song to the content of the video, we use sarcasm and exaggeration to show the unpleasantness of the world.

It was easier to use the graphics and 3Ds to create visuals for the exaggerated message that the song has in its lyrics. Throughout past albums, The HU’s songs positively reinforce the message of protecting the earth and keeping nature intact. However, on this video we took a completely different, polar opposite approach to the song’s message by reminding listeners of the limited resources of this earth. The female in the video represents the mother earth we are singing about.

You can watch the new animated video below: