The Hu brought the power of “hunnu rock” to Nottingham: Check out photo gallery from the band’s show

Author Alina Salihbekova - 4.12.2022

The Hu brought the power of “hunnu rock” to Nottingham. Mongolian folk metal legends gave a one-of-a-kind chance to see and hear the mighty traditional instruments and throat singing of The Hu homelands mixed with the ferocity of metal music. Truly unique and incredibly enthusiastic musicians of the band sent the audience of Rock City into a state of joyous trance where the crowd chanted “HU-HU-HU” before, during and after the show. Such a warm welcome shows how vital, creative and endlessly interesting bands like The Hu are. They inspire one to look inside one’s background, to seek inspiration in one’s history and culture, and to be proud of one’s roots. You can see photos of the band performing at the Rock City, Nottingham below:

Shoog shoog
The Gereg
Huhchu Zairan
The Great Chinggis Khaan
Shireg Shireg
Bii Biyelgee
Tatar Warrior
Yuve Yuve Yu
Wolf Totem
Black Thunder
This Is Mongol

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