The Danse Society have released a new album “The Loop”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 21.3.2024

New release for The Danse Society: the 8th studio album from the 80s legendary British band grown alongside The CureSiouxsie, and Killing Joke, called “The Loop” is out now. Robert Smith (The Cure) said about them: “They honestly believed they were the undead, I thought it was charming”.

Eight tracks of crepuscular prog, with gothic, post-punk, death jazz elements and metal grooves. The powerful voice thunders with its heated coloratura sliding through the strings and dominating the scene thanks to the wide range and the vocal peaks.

The lyrics are a portrait of current society whose control and manipulation and “divide et impera” turn us into slumbering puppets. “if you were only listening a little closer” would be enough to spot the lies that distract us from the real issues.

Most recordings were live and this makes the appreciation of each single brush stroke warmth, humanity and realism rarely found in this current era of exacerbated overproduction.

This way of recording chosen by the band to highlight the essence of improvisation and experimentation will particularly become a favorite for old-school listeners.

“The Loop” will be released on limited edition white vinyl, CD, and DD. Albums, T-shirts, and bundles are available from or or by getting in touch with the band on .

The tour of “The Loop” will see dates in the UK and Europe with possible dates in the rest of the world as well: all updates will be communicated on the band’s website and social media channels.

“The Loop” was recorded at Old Chapel Studios and Beckview Studios; additional tracks were recorded at Society Records Studios; and mastered by Bowling Green Studios.

There are no clicks, programmed sequencers, or auto-tune.

Artwork courtesy of IAP Arts UK

New videos from “The Loop” feature on the band’s official YouTube and include “If you were only listening”: 

The Danse Society started in 1980 with Steve Rawlings (vocals), Paul Gilmartin (drums), Lyndon Scarfe (keys), Paul Nash (guitar), Tim Wright (bass). In the same year they released their first single “Clock”, and in 1982 their debut album “Seduction”, entered the British charts.

Their best-known album “Heaven is Waiting” (1983) reached n.39 of top-selling albums in the UK.

After a few lineup reshuffles the band still features guitarist Paul Nash, with Maethelyiah (vocals), Jack Cooper (Bass), Dylan Riley (drums), and Steve Dickinson (keys).


− Seduction (Society Records), 1982

− Heaven is Waiting (Arista), 1983

− Looking Through, 1986

− Change of Skin (Society Records), 2011

− Scarey Tales (Society Records), 2013

− VI (Society Records), 2015

− Sailing Mirrors (Society Records), 2020