The Beatles documentary directed by Peter Jackson busts the myth that the band members hated each other during the recording of “Let It Be”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 26.11.2021

Fans of the legendary The Beatles are in for a treat this weekend as the new documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”, directed by master director Peter Jackson, will get its third instalment on Disney Plus on Saturday 27 November. Two previous instalments of the six-hour documentary monster are already available to watch on the service.

The documentary focuses on the band’s 1969 recording sessions, and is based on previously unreleased behind-the-scenes footage from the 1970 documentary Let It Be.

In an interview with Yahoo, Jackson says that the documentary he is directing will show things in a slightly different light to the 1970 film. According to Jackson, the new documentary debunks the previously persistent myth that the band members hated each other during the recording of ‘Let It Be’.

“What you’ve got with The Beatles is four guys that love each other. We’ve got 150 hours of material, and I’ll tell you that I’ve listened to all of it multiple times — and the tape machines are rolling all the way through it. Not one Beatle has an angry word with another one. There’s not one bit of anger. There’s disagreements and sort of a little bit of impatientness and all that sort of stuff. But no one shouts. They really have respect and love for each other”, Jackson tells.

You can watch the trailer below.