“”The Agony Flame” is how we felt in the moment of creating the album” – Interview with Takida’s Tomas Wallin

Author Julia Suloinen - 9.2.2024

Swedish melancholic rockers Takida release a new album “The Agony Flame” on the 9th of February via Napalm Records, and in this record guys not only present their best quality material by far, but also reveal their darkest side possible.

Chaoszine had a chat with Takida‘s guitarist Tomas Wallin and figured out the reasons of the melancholy being multiplied to the highest level on the upcoming album, as well as learnt the concept of creating the album titles, and, of course, discussed Takida’s plans for the band’s 25th anniversary this year. Check out the interview below:

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You can listen to Takida‘s new album “The Agony Flame” in full below: