Testament: a new LP coming in 2024

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 25.4.2023

Big news for Testament. Singer Chuck Billy has hinted at the arrival of a new album by 2024. During an interview for El Lado Oscuro TV, the artist confidently expressed the following:

We didn’t really book a lot of shows this year. We’re doing Latin America and then we’re doing Europe, and that’s it, and then Japan, a couple of shows. But we’re leaving a lot of the schedule open so we can get a lot of the music done. And hopefully by the end of the year we’ll get into the studio and start recording, so we’ll have a release hopefully early next year.

– Chuck Billy

The group also desires to leave behind what was built with “Titans Of Creation” and carve new and powerful forms of sound. So, all we can do is wait with curiosity.

Below is the full interview with Testament singer Chuck Billy: