Temperance to headline Milady Metal Fest in Mantua

Author Benedetta Baldin - 19.12.2023

Arci Tom and Tom Hell’s Night
Milady Metal Fest Sixth Edition
With great pride, we announce that the Sixth Edition of the famous Women’s Voices Festival will be held again at Arci Tom in Mantua on 20 January 2024.

Temperance, one of the most interesting bands on the European melodic metal scene, will be back at Milady! After presenting the album ‘Diamanti’ in the fourth edition, they present their latest creation ‘Hermitage’. Unlike other symphonic metal bands, they have not one but three different voices, a combination of the crystal clear and powerful voice of the new singer Kristin Starkey, the powerful timbre of Michele Guaitoli, and the angry and pop voice at the same time of the band’s composer Marco Pastorino. Over the years the quintet has played over 300 shows divided between European tours (together with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Tarja, Serenity), special guests for Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Slipknot.

Federica Sister De Boni’s high-pitched, scratchy, and unique voice, screaming guitars, pounding rhythms, an extraordinary blend of power and melody: the result is an incendiary sound! All this is White Skull, co-hosts of this sixth edition, who will present their latest album, ‘Metal Never Rust’, the tenth in their long and glorious career.

From the ashes of Kalidia, protagonists of the first two editions and of the fourth, Alterium will rise. Led by the talented and charming Nicoletta Rosellini, authentic patroness of the festival, the new line-up will present several unreleased tracks and a few songs from the dissolved Kalidia.

First time at Milady for the progressive symphonic metal band Degrees Of Truth, who invite you to discover the refined and exotic atmospheres of “The Reins of Life” and “Time Travel Artifact”, strong in the new lineup led by Claudia Beltrame, an extraordinary lyrical vocalist.

Hellfox is an all female band, their style can be traced back to an Alternative Metal with Melodic Death tendencies. The band was born in 2019 from the different influences and musical paths of the four members, united by their inspiration at Amorphis, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity for the composition, while the instrumental part relies on acidic and distorted sounds of great atmosphere, over which Greta and Priscilla’s voices fight.

Demetra’s Scars are an alternative metal band formed in June 2015 in the Modena lowlands with the very talented Didi (Denise Pellacani) on vocals. In 2018 they open the Italian dates of Jinjer and Infected Rain, and in 2022 the quartet promotes their work with numerous live shows, including backing Genus Ordinis Dei and again Jinjer at the Bum Bum Festival.

Admission 22 euro+d.p. in advance, 25 euro at the box office on the day of the event.
Link to presale tickets here.
Reserved for Arci members with 2023/2024 membership card (can be done on site at a cost of 13 euros on the day of the event).
Stay Metal!!!!