Ted Nugent says today’s rockers “aren’t as dedicated…we just practiced more, we loved it more”

Author Jad - 9.2.2022

Ted Nugent, world-renowned guitarist and vocalist is also known to be prone to semi-coherent rants about anything from vegans killing more animals than meat eaters, to saying he’d give Kyle Rittenhouse a lifetime supply of ammunition. Ted has his focus realigned, and is now here to rant about what old men are REALLY supposed to rant about: kids today!

In a new interview with Motor City Madman, Nugent got angry about how musicians aren’t as good as they were back when he was younger, check it out below (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

Musicians aren’t as dedicated today. I know there’s a bunch of great ones. I mean, Joe Bonamassa is a young guy, and Kid Rock is not a young guy, but he’s now. And I love what Big & Rich do. I love the sincerity of Blake Shelton and Toby Keith, though I can’t stand most country music. And Greta Van Fleet does a great job, and everything the Foo Fighters do is awesome. But, it’s not like Ted Nugent or Bob Seger or the Amboy Dukes or ZZ Top or Cheat Trick or Montrose or Van Halen. You know what I mean? Those bands, we just practiced more; we loved it more.

So, that’s why [my upcoming album] “Detroit Muscle’”is gonna be really significant to people who love that fire and that defiance and fun. Music is supposed to be fun. Even when you articulate corruption and “Dog Eat Dog” sabotage on the downtown streets and police cars overturned — yeah, I’m identifying social conditions, but I also am a master at escaping social outrageousness and replacing it with fun, defiant, “We The People”, middle-finger-on-fire, grinding Motown funk brother outrageousness.Ooooh, Ted’s shilling! See, Ted knows no one under the age of 40 thinks of him as anything other than an unglued nutbar who’d fuck his gun if he could find the butter. So he’s rallying his fanbase. Want to buy an album, but don’t know what to get? The hell you gonna pick up a Billie Eilish record. Buy this, made by someone who just LOVES MUSIC MORE, like we used to.

Ted Nugent

Seems Ted can’t sell an album to his fans unless he brings down modern-day musicians, that’s one way to deal with being outdated. Watch the interview for yourself below: