Symphonic metal and anime are a match made in heaven – review of Everfrost’s EP “Frostbites”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 10.12.2022

After two full-lengths and as many EPs, it’s time to review EP number three of the Finnish symphonic metal group Everfrost. And who knew that symphonic metal blends so well together with cartoons and animes themes? Starting with “Pokemon“, then “Death Parade“, “Steins;Gate“, “Neon Genesis Evangelion“… Outstanding tracks and even more outstanding renditions! 

Mikael Salo says farewell to the band and alternates the vocals with Eveliina Tuulia: both have wonderful Japanese pronunciation, and since I have personally studied that language, they have done an excellent job! They also made an incredible vocal performance, nailing the lightheartedness that these tracks have. The EP is so fun to listen to, it’s very well produced, but the mixing is not perfect. It doesn’t matter because the songs are so easygoing, catchy and intriguing; they make you just move all over the place. 

Heiskanen and Ylianttila on guitars are superb, Partanen’s bass is audible and pacing, Salminen’s drum is on fire, and Klint-Connelly’s keyboard combines a fantastic sound. It’s not the first time that Everfrost performs covers, but this time they have outdone themselves. I applaud bands that do not want to conform to the standards of the genre. Kudos to them for experimenting and having fun with what they do!