Swiss bleak death metallers Near Death Condition release new single & play-through video

Author Jad - 16.1.2022

“Ascent from the Mundane” album out 11th February via Unique Leader Records

Swiss bleak death metal band Near Death Condition have released their new single / play-through video ‘Nothing From Naught’, the second taken from new album Ascent from the Mundane, due out on 11th February via Unique Leader. 

Watch the play-through video for ‘Nothing From Naught’ below:

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This is Near Death Condition‘s first new music since 2014’s full-length “Evolving Towards Extinction”.

On the album “Ascent from the Mundane”, they continue: 

With references to Gnosticism, Ascent from the Mundane is a hymn to the spark of light trapped in the darkness of the world of matter that every human being is made of and is inspired by an introspection, a spiritual journey towards the deepest being, a connection in mindfulness with the darkest side of oneself to let the brightest side shine out. Imbued with darkness and light, the contrast between crawling-in-the-mire rhythmic parts topped with unhinged vocals and otherworldly cosmic lead guitars makes this album an attempt to remind that nothing is completely dark even when it sometimes seems to during the hardest times in life, and that light can only be revealed within darkness.

Near Death Condition

Watch the lyric video to previous single ‘The Bridal Chamber’ below:

Near Death Condition online: