Stratosphere Project releases music video for “Strings of Existence”

Author Daniel Agapito - 5.7.2024

Still celebrating the overwhelming response to their 5th studio album, Brazilian band Stratosphere Project has debuted the music video for “Strings of Existence“, a standout track from the album “Dimensional Convergence.” This release features contributions from five of the original musicians involved in the album’s production, which included a total of 20 musicians. The current lineup includes Flavio Brandão on guitar and bass, Paulinho Bahiense on guitar, Kaká Campolongo and Mario Kohn on vocals, and Alessandro Kelvin on drums.

Watch the music video:

Alongside the music video premiere, Stratosphere Project has announced the commencement of composition and production for their sixth studio album, titled “Blade of the Seraphim,” scheduled for release in 2025.

Regarding “Strings of Existence“, Brandão, the band’s leader and founder, explained:

Strings of Existence” was conceived as a song where I envisioned a dialogue between two scientists discussing string theory and its implications. I approached this concept abstractly to encapsulate it in a coherent yet lyrical manner, enlisting the talents of two exceptional vocalists to embody this dialogue through music. In addition to Kaká Campolongo and Mario Kohn, Paulinho Bahiense and Alessandro Kelvin contributed with their signature styles on drums and guitar respectively, completing one of the Stratosphere Project‘s most intricate musical ideas.”

The music video for “Strings of Existence” was directed and edited by Flavio Brandão and Mariza Vargas, with videography by Mariza Vargas, Raquel Teixeira de Freitas, Kaká Campolongo, Mirela Fell, and Anderson Lopes.

Flavio Brandão, a Rio de Janeiro-based musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist active since 1996, founding the Stratosphere Project in 2020. Since then, the band has released 5 studio albums and several singles, establishing a robust and consistently impressive discography.

Listen to “Dimensional Convergence” on Spotify:

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