Stick To Your Guns signs to SharpTone: Drops two new songs

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 8.6.2024

The American hardcore-punk band Stick To Your Guns released two new tracks, after a break of two years without new music. With these two new songs, “Permanent Dark” and “Invisible Rain” the band shifted to their new label SharpTone Records.

“This EP is about the theory of alienation. The ways in which we have been alienated from ourselves, our work, our lives and ultimately each other. How are we to care about anything beyond ourselves when we ourselves are in a constant state of survival. The consequence of this is the society that currently envelopes us. One that preys on our decencies and our good will and turns it against us. There is a lot to despair about in today’s world but our future has yet to be written. We can either write it or it will be written for us.” Jesse Barnett, vocalist/guitarist of Stick To Your Guns