Statement made : Invicta aren’t messing around with their latest album “Triumph and Torment”

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 13.3.2023

How wholesome is it to ingest your influences and spit them back in the most raging of ways. Invicta does just that, while coming in all guns blazing on their upcoming release “Triumph and Torment”.

It is indeed the fine line between thrash’s relentless speed, and death’s element of evil and brutality. But the most outstanding thing about it is that it’s the mix of specific types of thrash metal: those with contrasting melodies which confuse you as to whether the music is evil or soothing, with equally unique movements of death metal, where no fuck is given, and it’s all for power and brutality to conquer the throne and reign supreme over metal.

Make no mistake though, the sheer aggression of this release shouldn’t turn your ear deaf to the virtuosity of the solos, the creativity of the drum fills, the technicality of the riffing, and the genius of the songwriting. As violent as it sounds, it remains nonetheless absurdly innovative and refreshing, reminding us that there is still room to create within the already rich and eclectic world of metal.

This album is a matter of taking the essential elements of everything metal was ever about. Those epic Iron Maiden harmonies, those gunfire loud Vital Remains blast beats, the Kreator melodies that remind you that evil comes in beautiful ways, on top of many other ingredients put together in a blender to render an authentic end product that forces you into respect and enjoyment, as the genuineness is a commodity that we so dearly lack in today’s music industry.

But none of the above was what caught my ear first: it was the production of this beast, as the bass popping in my ears threw me into the trenches of a WW1 battleground, while the drums reminded me that there was no time to rest, before the vocals came in shouting that only the strongest survived. It is a mix that serves all the instruments equally. However, one wishes there was a bit more room for the riffs to be heard, as the vocals feel overwhelming at times, to no fault of the singing, just that those riffs are so tasty, they are never loud enough.  

All in all, the album reeks of passion, and you can feel throughout it that these guys poured their guts into the product, didn’t hold back, gave their all to express themselves, reaching out to people with the same rage and passion.


  1. The New Throne
  2. Forces Of Annihilation
  3. Apprentice Of Death
  4. Battle The Beyond
  5. Sinister Obsession
  6. The Morning’s Light
  7. Parasitic Reign
  8. Preeminence
  9. Embodiment Of Infamy
  10. Triumph And Torment