Sonic Universe release a new single with video “It Is What It Is”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 24.4.2024

Corey Glover and Sonic Universe’s debut album “It Is What It Is” arrives on May 10th. Combining the forces of the Grammy-award winning lead singer of Living Colour and Adrenaline Mob’s guitarist and founding member Mike Orlando, today released title track “It Is What It Is”, sums up all the power of all the stars in perfect alignment here.

Catch the video premiere At 08:00 PST/ 11:00 EST/ 17:00 CET here:

Complemented by the rhythm section of bassist Booker King and drummer Taykwuan Jackson, Corey and Mike soar over what Corey calls, “A tight tight tight groove.”

Given the collective boundary-breaking history of each element here, Corey’s further take on the song is quite revealing, “The whole idea is that in order to make something new, you have to destroy the old. We do everything we can to change things, but the only way that you can change things is to believe.”

“Right now/ right here/ is all that it is/ we lie/ we try/ it’s all we can give.”

It Is What It Is” is Corey Glover and Sonic Universe giving their all to make a break with the past and create something new and honest.

The band is killing it on this,” Corey concludes, “a real gut-punch kind of sound.”

Preorder “It Is What It Is” Here.


1. I Am 

2. It Is What It Is 

3. Turn A Blind Eye 

4. My Desire 

5. Whisper To A Scream 

6. Higher 

7. Life 

8. Come What May 

9. I Want It All 

10. Beautiful Disunity