Photo by Sini Sulkakoski

Slipknot release “Adderall” EP

Author Flavia Andrade - 9.6.2023

This has been a rather busy week for Slipknot: Craig Jones and the band parted ways and a new mystery member was introduced. The hectic week continues with the surprise release of a new EP, centered around their “The End, So Far” track “Adderall“.

The six-song EP is out via Roadrunner Records and is now available across digital service providers.

“Adderall” EP tracklisting:

01 – “Death March”
02 – “Adderall” (No Intro)
03 – “Adderall” (Rough Demo)
04 – “Red Or Redder”
05 – “Adderall (Instrumental)
06 – “Hard To Be Here”

You can listen to it below: