Slipknot kick off their new tour: setlist and video footage available

Author Samuel Järvinen - 22.7.2022

Metal giants Slipknot kicked off their new tour in Romania. The concert in Bucharest also saw the band’s new masks, but the recently released new single “The Dying Song” was not played at the concert.

You can watch the setlist and video footage below.

1. Disasterpiece
2. Wait And Bleed
3. All Out Life
4. Sulfur
5. Before I Forget
6. The Chapeltown Rag
7. Dead Memories
8. Unsainted
9. The Heretic Anthem
10. Psychosocial
11. The Devil In I
12. Snuff
13. Vermilion
14. Duality
15. Custer
16. Spit It Out


17. People = Shit
18. Surfacing