Slipknot interrupted their concert to direct paramedics to a fan in need of help: “Guys we got something going on right there”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 3.6.2022

At large public events such as concerts, there is always a risk of accidents and medical emergencies, and a member of the audience may need help quickly.

At a concert of the metal band Slipknot on 1st of June in Ohio, an incident occurred in which a fan required medical attention. Fortunately, members of Slipknot spotted a fan in the audience who was clearly in distress.

“Hold on. Hold on guys, hold on. Guys we got something going on right there. Can we get EMTs in there? Everybody back up, give some room. Give some room, make sure they can get in”, Taylor said when he spotted an audience member in need of help.

When the fan in need was successfully escorted away from the crowd by paramedics, Taylor thanked the audience for their help and the concert continued as normal.