Slipknot has started rehearsing with new drummer

Author Arto Mäenpää - 10.3.2024

Slipknot has been notably tight-lipped regarding the replacement for Jay Weinberg on drums, but one thing is certain – they’ve made a choice.

A recent social media post by Slipknot featured a photo of a broken drumstick with the caption “rehearsal,” suggesting that they have enlisted a new drummer for upcoming live performances. While there’s been no official confirmation, speculation points towards Eloy Casagrande, particularly since his departure from Sepultura. The power he brings to the kit and the context of the photo add weight to the conjecture.

It would also be an interesting twist if Casagrande joined Slipknot, as he would effectively be filling the spot left by Weinberg, who himself had replaced Greyson Nekrutman in Suicidal Tendencies, who in turn had taken Casagrande’s place in Sepultura. It’s like a game of musical chairs among professional drummers!

With Slipknot’s first 2024 show set for April 27 at Sick New World, time is of the essence for the band. Additionally, some may claim they foresaw this turn of events.