Slayer seems to miss out on compensation from an Icelandic festival sued by the band over unpaid fees

Author Samuel Järvinen - 30.5.2022

In 2019, US thrash metal act Slayer sued Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival for unpaid fees.

According to Slayer’s lawyers, the festival still owes the band $134 00.

However, according to an article published by Visir, it appears that Slayer is not receiving their gig fees. The original owners of the festival were ordered to pay K2 Agency Limited, which represented Slayer, what the owners owed the band, but then went bankrupt and sold the festival to several companies.

The defendants were acquitted in court as they were deemed unable to pay their debts or be liable to their former company.

“With regard to K2’s claims for damages, the National Court pointed out that there was a final judgment that Friðrik Ólafsson should pay the financial claim. K2 had received legal storage in an apartment owned by Friðrik to secure the claim and demanded the forced sale of the apartment to enforce the claim.

“Therefore, the court did not consider that the financial claim of the agency company could be paid by Friðrik. It would not be timely to demand that Guðmundur and the three companies make the payments. Therefore, Guðmundur and the clubs Live events, L events and Lifandi viðburðir were acquitted according to K2’s requirements at this time.”