Slaughter To Prevail’s Alex Terrible denies allegations of being a Nazi and homophobe

Author Flavia Andrade - 26.12.2023

Slaughter To Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible has posted a video in which he denies allegations of Nazi or homophobic beliefs. Such allegations made headlines in 2015 and were never dispelled.

Terrible himself spells out his troubled teenage years, saying he initially identified with anti-fascist circles, before a near-fatal incident with drugs led him into associating with fascists. The weakness he felt from his experiences with drugs led to a change in lifestyle, becoming more aggressive and physical, leading him to fascist circles. This is when he got several associated tattoos.

Terrible states:

It’s funny, because one day I was hanging out with anti-fascists, then I met the guys, and they fucking right-wing guys. I didn’t care they right-wings, ya know? I just loved them because they hit gym everyday, they try to work on themselves, pretty much the same as I do. But they were fucking right-wing. And of course, when you’re hanging with people like that, you just take something from them, ya know?

And I start to consider myself a member of this subculture. But I never identify myself like a Nazi. I never being racist for somebody or some shit. And they never been racist, same… same as I. But they have their fucking political right views. I didn’t care. But anyway, I was around 20, 21 or something like that and I start to hang out around these people.

And just because I wasn’t smart enough. Just because I was looking for somebody to help me—or something to help me—I start to go hard with this shit. Like ‘OK, right now I’m a fucking tough guy. I’m a fucking bodybuilder. I’m a fighter, or whatever you know? I’m dangerous man right now… Fuck weakness in myself, fuck drugs, fuck drinks, fuck all of this shit you know.

Right now I’m fucking strong and you have to be as strong as me, or you fucking pussy. This kind of person I was, after I almost died from all the drugs. And I did the fucking black sun tattoo, I want to look cool, dangerous and stuff. And I was dressing up like a skinhead, or something like a gopnik, whatever. Dangerous motherfucker. Hooligan, I was fighting…

Right now I’m 30-years-old and I look at myself like I was just [a] fucking teenager. It’s OK. But at the same time, it’s not OK because at the same time I start to build my character in the internet. And people start to recognize me a lot. I have a lot of followers already.

And that means I have this responsibility. And that means that people see me with all this image and tattoos and all this shit ya know? So this is of course my fault people think I’m Nazi, or whatever. Because I have a fucking black sun on my elbow—had.

I was hanging with the right-wing guys. I was listening to the fucking music and all that shit. Of course people think I’m Nazi. But I was just fucking teenager. Lost teenager. And I’m not regret about that. Not at all.

I’m happy that I past this way. I am happy that I had this experience. I’m happy that I almost fucking died because of the drugs. Because right now, who am I? I’m Alex Terrible and I’m living my fucking beautiful life. My dream. My dream comes true every fucking day. And I work hard. Just because of that experience I am who I am right now.

So when this article, Germany article came about I’m fucking right-wing guy, I’m Nazi. I’m a bad guy and all this shit, they cancel me. Like we start to do music with Slaughter, we just finished Russian tour and then European tour and then this article came out, and then everybody put the finger at me and say I’m Nazi. You have to be fucking cancelled, and they cancel me.

We didn’t play European shows for like ten years already. We’re gonna do the European shows like really soon in January. Hopefully it’s gonna be OK. But for ten years I’ve not been in Europe just because of that fact. Thank god Sumerian Records signed us. And they know about this situation. And they give us this opportunity and we did a lot of shows in America. And I appreciate that. I appreciate that help.

And they always see me like a nice cool person and very talented dude—not like a Nazi. But I understand when people call me Nazi. And it’s fine, but guys, I am not Nazi. With all seriousness, I don’t consider myself a member of any subcultures right now.

Because I’m 30-years-old musician and I focus on my music only. And I try to be a better version of myself. And I try to think and analyze everything I fucking say. Everything I do. Everything I make in this life. Just because I’m growing up. And I think it’s necessary for everybody. Like if you’re 30-years-old, you gotta fucking take responsibility on these fucking shoulders. I don’t judge anyone.

Terrible then addressed the claims of homophobia:

Recently I made this joke in my Instagram about being a ‘real man’, eating fucking pussy, eat food with their hands and all this shit. It was just a joke. But people in the internet, they start to blame me like I’m a homophobic or some shit. Like ‘what you talking about, real man?… What if I’m real man but I’m gay, and I don’t want to eat pussy and all this shit?’ People took it seriously. I understand because I have a huge platform.

…We are all different and a lot of people don’t understand jokes, or people don’t understand this type of humor. And probably I have to be careful with everything I say. But dude, I don’t want to lie to myself and I want to be a real guy. I want to be me. And I start to be nervous, like ‘what the fuck is wrong with you guys?’ ‘I just said a joke, it’s just a joke. It’s funny, no?’

And then some gay dude texted me on Instagram like ‘why you hate gay people?’ And I was like that’s enough, ‘you fucking stupid.’ I don’t fucking have problem with gay people. I’m not hating them. And then here we fucking go. And they tried to fucking cancel me cause I said about brainwashing. I said ‘I believe every fucking propaganda’ and it doesn’t matter, LGBT propaganda, fucking war propaganda or everything.

Every time propaganda goes hard, I don’t like it. I call it brainwashing. So I texted something about brainwashing kids. Because I see a lot of stuff, especially in America right now, with all this propaganda. And I saw on the internet like fucking videos with dudes jerking off on the streets and kids see that and it’s not OK. It’s not normal. For me it’s not normal. For you guys maybe it’s normal, I don’t know. But for me it’s not normal and I’m gonna say this. Because I have my fucking opinion, that’s it.

I’m not homophobic actually. I just have my own opinion, traditional view. And I don’t have a problem with gay people. I think they just people as us. And I am not Nazi. I understand a lot of people maybe don’t trust me and they will still call me a Nazi and try to cancel me… or homophobic, it’s OK. It’s just my responsibility. I take it like a man. And I hope I made this clear for the rest of the fans who didn’t make sure about this situation.

You can check out the video below: