Sheer weight of corrosive power: Baest at Rebellion Rock Bar, Manchester, UK

Author Sabrina Ramdoyal - 15.2.2024

Unleashing a primal fury upon the intimate confines of Manchester’s Rebellion Bar, death metallers Baest eschewed the technical complexities that would otherwise have become vogue within the genre. Simon Olsen’s charismatic banter between songs ignited the crowd, while the trio of Lasse Revsbech, Svend Karlsson, and Mattias Melchiorsen conjured a devastating symphony of fretwork and drummer Sebastian Abildsten provided a pulsating backbone that led the band’s relentless assault on their Wednesday evening show. The Danes created a transformative experience, where the music became a conduit for raw emotion and unbridled energy. Manchester was not simply listening to a performance; all was enveloped in a sonic vortex!