Shavo Odadjian shares the story of how he unexpectedly became System of a Down’s bassist

Author Atte Itkonen - 30.1.2024

In an interview conducted by Bass Player, Shavo Odadjian, the bassist for the alternative metal band System of a Down, shares the story of how he ended up becoming the band’s bassist. According to the interview, Odadjian’s role as a bassist was initially supposed to be temporary.

Odadjian began playing the guitar at the age of 12. He switched to the bass only when System of a Down started looking for a bassist. Despite numerous auditions, the band couldn’t find a suitable bassist. Frustrated, Odadjian decided to try playing the bass himself until they found the right fit. Truns out Odajian was the perfect match. Shavo Odadjian has now been System of a Down‘s bassist since 1994 and has been part of every album the band has released.

Despite his role as a bassist, Odadjian still holds onto his roots as a guitarist. In the interview, he mentions owning more guitars than basses.