Sharon Osbourne: “If A Bomb Dropped, There Would Be Cockroaches, Keith Richards and Ozzy”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 20.1.2024

In a recent interview on Jackie Brambles’s “Greatest Hits Radio” show on January 17, Sharon Osbourne provided an update on her husband Ozzy Osbourne‘s health. According to a report by Planet Rock, Sharon shared, “He’s doing good.” She went on to explain that despite Ozzy’s desire to accompany her on her trips to England, each time there has been a setback preventing him from doing so.

Concerned about the adverse effects of cold weather on individuals with Parkinson’s, Sharon mentioned, “I just don’t want to bring him to the cold because cold weather is no good for people with Parkinson’s — muscles seize up — so I’ve told him ‘not this trip’ — when it gets a bit warmer.

Undeterred, Sharon expressed her confidence in Ozzy’s resilience, stating, “But Ozzy has got nine lives — he’s not going anywhere. If a bomb dropped, there would be cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Ozzy.” This remark reflects Sharon’s belief in Ozzy’s enduring spirit and ability to overcome challenges.