Serj Tankian reveals what would take him and his System Of A Down bandmates back in the studio together

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 12.6.2024

The American nu-metal band System Of A Down, who is largely known through generations in the metal scene, has not published new music in the last years. Other then the two songs released for charity in 2020, their last album “Hypnotize” with new songs is dated way back in 2005. Over the years the band talked a lot about avoiding the studio due to creative differences. The band however continued playing live shows.

In a recent interview on the Jesea Lee Show, vocalist Serj Tankian talked about what would take him and his bandmates back in the studio together.

“[An] egalitarian approach to everything within the band. Kind of more equality in terms of sourcing of the music, in terms of splitting everything, including publishing, in terms of ideas, in terms of sharing the vision — that kind of stuff. It’s in the book. We call it a manifesto jokingly because I wrote points down that, years ago when I had some new songs that I thought would be amazing with System, and so I played it for the guys. And I said, ‘Guys, I’ve got an idea of a vision, a different way forward that I think would be very beneficial for the band.’ And I presented it — we call it a manifesto in the book almost half jokingly, but bringing a manifesto to rock musicians is… [Laughs] I guess it doesn’t work — it doesn’t work. But I was trying to instill the same type of egalitarian principles as I love as an activist within whatever I do. And at that time, it didn’t work, but maybe it will one day. We’ll see.”

Serj Tankain, singer of System Of A Down